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Matti Mattila

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The managing director of MBO Partners and ProMBO Oy since 2003, Matti has been involved in close to one hundred M&A or financing projects. Focus has been in small and mid-size enterprises in industry, trade and service business. Until 2003, Matti was the managing director of Kekkilä Oyj, was in the management team of Vapo Oy, and had long experience at Kemira Agro in various international sales, marketing and management positions. Matti’s educational background is MSc (forestry, commercial) at Helsinki University. In his free time, Matti’s interests are orienteering, skiing, hunting and fishing.


MBO Partners specializes in mergers and acquisitions, company valuations, Management Buyouts and financial consulting. The quality of our work is based on long experience, strong commitment, and creative problem-solving ability. We serve all of the parties and customers involved with absolute confidentiality. We have been executing more than 100 deals related to company sales, buyouts, mergers, acquisitions and financing arrangements since 2003.


Respect for entrepreneurs

We recognize and understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face during their careers. This is often a question of a person’s life’s work, which may have continued from one generation to the next. The reward for the business owner is not something that can be measured simply in monetary terms, so finding the right person to continue the company is a very important issue.




The right person to continue the business might be found from outside those fields that first came to mind when considering a possible candidate. Experience gained in various fields, an open mind, and the ability to combine things in a new way, are factors that might bring unexpected candidates to the table.




Personal experience combined with the ability to understand different business models gives us a healthy and rewarding standpoint for arranging mergers and acquisitions and selling a company. We also recognize when a deal is not worthwhile, and we’re not afraid to say so.




All of our discussions and communications are conducted in the strictest confidence. Also included under this principle, we do not disclose information about deals we have been involved in.




“All success is temporary,” a wise person once said. Only comprehensive and uncompromising focus on the company’s operations can build the foundation for systematic progress in corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions.


Execution of all stages in M&A


We offer business owners expertise and reliable services at every stage of the process from initial preparation until the final contract has been signed. We have long experience of implementing company sales, buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, both in Finland and internationally.


Search of acquisitions targets


Are you acquiring a company or business in Finland, or looking for acquisitions to expand your Finnish company? We will seek out a suitable company or business to help you to achieve your strategic objectives.


Company valuations


We determine the value of company during the preparation phase. We also act as an outside expert in determining the company’s worth during minority buyouts and in other cases where an impartial observer is required.


Consultancy in financing


We help you to find suitable financing arrangements for your acquisition and MBO deals (Management Buyouts). Our agency has gained the confidence of financial institutions as a result of long and successful cooperation.

Business Model

Our business model takes corporate sales to a successful conclusion. Our long experience, analytical capability, and creative problem-solving bring expertise and reliable services to our clients, from the preparation phase to a successful conclusion.


1- 1,5 month
2- 3 month
1-2 month
1 month- years

4. Determination of Price

1. Field and Company Analysis

2. Company Valuation

5. Deal structure

3. Preparation

6. Charting buyers

7. Negotiations

8. Letter of intent

9. Due Diligence

10. Finance

11. Contracts

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